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"We Listen To You" - the credo which makes Lyuba's tours special.

If you want to meet new friends, come on one of Lyuba's tours.

In the Bulgarian language,'lyubov' means love. It is this word that makes us different from the rest. Everything we do, we do with love. We love meeting people; everyone who comes on our tours is treated as an honoured guest and is made to feel part of a big, happy family.

We love exploring with you the beauty of Bulgaria, and its centuries old history. We love introducing you to the real Bulgaria, a world far removed from the mass tourism market. You will experience colourful local village markets, participate in cultural performances, sample local dishes.

On our tours people become friends, and they join us again and again.

You are escorted throughout by highly qualified and trained guides, all with a wide knowledge of art, architecture, history, archaeology, ethnology, folk traditions, wine, the countryside. They know Bulgaria through and through - from the smallest village to the biggest city. They organise every aspect of your program, including finding the best available accommodation and restaurants. They will answer all you questions. They will make your tour unforgettable!

Lyuba Tours is a small company offering the highest level of personalised service to our clients. We will be happy to arrange your individual or group tours. We look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you into our family.

Lyuba Boyanin

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